Month: September 2010

I’m not good with computer

But Ubuntu 10.04 sure as hell is!  Just got a new laptop in today from Newegg and decided to make a solid attempt at getting Linux to work on it to a level that would let me not rely on Windows anymore.  First off the bat was getting a browser that doesn’t suck (aka Chromium)…

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Tornado touchdown in Brooklyn

So it seems that the unthinkable has happened, a tornado has touched down in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  As a person who works in disaster services I can safely say that the idea of a tornado rampaging around in New York City positively scares the living crap out of me, about the only thing worse would be…

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Up and Limping?

Well this domain has sat dormant for ages, and finally on a boring Sunday at work I decided to slap someone else’s code on up here to save me time, effort and headache of using my own.  Odds are that this might fall into disuse like every other time I attempt to blog, but just…

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