Month: May 2011

Site Re-Design and Launch Complete!

Well after months and months of work I finally launched a brand new Bushwick Dream site this afternoon.  Its been a long time coming since the site first started and I’m glad its finally over with so that I can go back into maintenance mode, but damn was it a fun run to make the…

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So I’m sitting in Burger King waiting for them to start serving lunch and aimlessly surfing the internet when I see a man and woman come out of the same bathroom with conspiratorial smiles on their faces and walk right past an impromptu meeting of BK employees.  Sadly it took me a good 5 seconds…

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A calendar in less than 50 lines of php

It ain’t pretty by a long stretch, but the fact that it can fit into less than 50 lines of code and could be easily converted to a function for use in existing projects makes me a very happy camper, hopefully it will make it into the TheBushwickDream in the near future.