Month: July 2011

Dueling Debt: Stock up while you can

Unless you live under a rock (or are comatose) you probably have heard the back-and-forth between John Boehner and President Obama about the debt ceiling and what the government should do to address the problem. ¬†Some of the stooges want to just raise the debt ceiling and call it a day; this is about as…

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Easy Pickin’s

A while back I decided it would be kind of neat to learn how to pick locks, I mean think of how sexy it looks in the movies and on TV when some hero takes a paperclip and a hair pin and gets into some restricted area in less than a minute with no light…

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Why Bailouts Don’t Work: Greece in Default

George Papandreou – Greek PM Looks like the US gets to see a preview of our coming economic situation and the markets get to go apeshit over this news, I look to see triple digit red for the DJIA today.      

Humanity or Atonement?

So I’m sitting at the office browsing Reddit when what do I see but a post titled “This is called humanity” which links to an image of what appears to be an elderly Japanese man with the following block of text. Old People Line Up To Clean Radiation in Japan Mr. Yamada “I am 72…

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The Woes of WordPress 3.2.1

So like a good IT person whos had the mantra of “STAY UP TO DATE” drilled into my head in every course I’ve ever taken I updated to 3.2 and subsequently 3.2.1 this morning. ¬†Currently its been a hell of jumbled up support forum posts, blog entries and just general stupid in trying to make…

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Dear WordPress

What the hell did you guys do in 3.2 to break every single goddamn thing? Suddenly I get errors when I try to install, update and even delete plugins, now I have to manually go in and delete the files by hand and hope like hell that I don’t accidentally break the site completely. Next…

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