Month: September 2011

Some days…

Today has been one of those days (or rather nights) that I just don’t feel like doing much of anything and especially don’t feel like doing work.  I don’t know if its the night shift getting to me, my piss poor eating habits sending my body chemistry into a tail spin or just the usual…

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New Project Time

So I finally decided to start a complete re-write of the code that drives The Bushwick Dream from scratch.  Not a single piece of existing code is going into the new site in hopes of cutting down on some of the fat that its developed over the course of two years.  Upon looking through the…

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Another Day

That is all 9/11 is now, just another day.  Every single damn year they trot out the survivors and ask for their stories regarding the incident, and every year its the same drivel.  I wonder when the news media will finally get bored of running the same luke warm human interest stories?