Month: October 2011

Something missing from Nerdcore?

So I was driving home the other day listening to a selection of nerdcore songs including Nursehella, Ytcracker, Ultraklystron and a few others when something struck me, most of the computer related topics covered tend to be either general use such as downloading things, posting to blogs, posting items on craigslist and ebay, etc or…

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Overboard Control

I’ve been sitting in training for the past three days now learning a new host of tools for a client that we are taking on at work and it comes time to actually install the software to my work computer. Some of the software is simply a module to something already installed, however a handful…

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Occupy Lawlstreet!

This clown is rolling around the Occupy Wallstreet protests carrying his G-series Asus laptop which probably cost him between 1100 and 2000$ if the prices I checked out are correct, not to mention he has fairly expensive looking HD webcam on top, yet hes going to piss and moan about not having money or a…

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