So for some completely unknown reason I find myself unable to use Firefox or Chrome in a reasonable manner at work.  Through some manner of network or desktop wizardry all web requests are MUCH slower in either of the two aforementioned browsers, like 30 seconds or more from the time I hit enter to the time a webpage loads, sometimes closer to a whole minute when I’m particularly unlucky.  This has sadly driven me to resort to the one thing I said I would never ever do again; use Internet Explorer.  The best part about this whole mess? Like just about every other large (see also: stupid) company out there the baseline is IE 8 and pretty much any security conscious web platform advocates using the latest up-to-date release (of which this is obviously not).  I can’t explain why its not up to date, nor can I figure out a reason to go to such lengths as to manipulate requests from other browsers to make them painfully slow but it all has the same result of driving me to return to using what is perhaps the worst web browser out in a manner that falls miles outside of what could be called secure.

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