So I’m sitting here at work making sure the tickets are all squared away like usual and the phone rings.  Pop out my headphones and pick up the handset to hear the phone system identify which client is calling and sure enough it identifies one of our clients and passes the call on.  Instead of getting a human on the other end of the line I was greeted with what was obviously an audio recording of someone giving a well rehearsed speech.  I sat there for about 30 seconds repeatedly asking for a human and what they wanted, but the recording just went on and on so I gave up and hung up; if it was that important I figured they would call back.

So I sat here puzzled by what I had just heard, so I started googling around to find out where the audio was from and with just a little effort turned up that it was Judge Andrew Napolitano, who used to have his own show Freedom Watch and has been featured on Lew Rockwell’s website.  Further digging around and I come across several results where people have been recieving robo-calls from random numbers playing this audio file.  The creepy part about this whole thing was that right when the phone rang I was in the middle of a semi-heated political discussion with some folks I know online so needless to say I was a little disturbed by the coincidence.

I haven’t figured out who would be behind something so random as this, however so far my leading suspect is some fringe group of wanna-be revolutionaries like Anonymous as it seems like the kind routine they would pull to “like, try to wake people up, and stuff…”  Considreing this call didn’t sway my oppinon, light a fire under my ass or even wake me up (pretty tired right now honestly) what do they thing can be accomplished by annoying the hell out of people?


  1. I work the graveyard shift at a medical answering service & get at least five calls each night. Three so far tonight from 805-436-7120, 626-241-1809 & one unidentified number. Google leads me to your blog. Glad I’m not the only one confused by this nonsense.

  2. I was just looking around online because I just got this exact same call while doing the exact same kinda work you were doing. Weird…

  3. It was bizarre and kind of creeped me out since I was reading something vaguely political and similar right when the phone rang.

  4. Ive been getting these calls from my old job and now my new job and theyre really poor quality and creepy.

  5. The theory is that Napolitano’s promoting a book. Robocalls like these cost way too much for it to be a “rogue” group. These f***ers filled my voicemail at work several times with this stupid call.

    If anybody sees this post and wants to complain, call and email Napolitano’s agency, Greater Talent, at 212.645.4200 and

  6. yep, just got this call at work.. listened to the whole speech which was followed by a woman talking about Obama and working women… very odd
    832-551-5662 was the number

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