Month: June 2012

RIP United States of America

I have never been more disappointed than I am today, the Supreme Court of the Former United States of America has affirmed the right of the federal government to mandate that citizens buy specific products.  From this point forward I refuse to refer to the US in the present tense as the republic has now…

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OwnCloud bug

Not going to make this a long and complicated post, just wanted to toss this out there in case any body else finds themselves in my situation.  I was playing around with OwnCloud and enabled the Subphonic add-on and suddenly my install quits working completely citing some bogus Apache nonsense.  Not to be deterred I…

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Something Unexpected

So I broke down the other day after talking to a co-worker about the iPad and bought one. Generally I’m pretty anti-apple as far as most things go, however I wont even lie this thing is pretty nice so far even if its only the iPad 2 and not the 3rd gen model. Battery life…

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