Month: November 2012

Can you escape technology?

Every year I head off into the woods for at least a week of hunting as a way to kind of unplug from technology and society in general.  The past few years however I haven’t made the trip like usual due to changing jobs, last minute disasters that needed my attention, etc.  This is the…

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Black Friday early?

What the hell is this bullshit?  Stores opening at 8pm thanksgiving day before the turkey induced coma has even run its course?  Its absurd that the greedy fuckstains can’t even wait the four hours to start hawking their wares and feigning surprise when store goers are trampled in the haste of deal-fueled madness.

Home Labs

Today’s random thought is on the concept of the home lab (from the IT worker perspective, not the Walter-White-Meth-Lab view). I know several people at work who have home networks setup specifically for testing and learning, some are network labs with stacks of switches and routers while others have full blown SAN environments for use…

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r/asmr This shit puts me to sleep so damn well, the tingles are just icing on the cake!

Saying NO to Social Media

So I have finally started on the path to the unthinkable, removing all social media from my life.  Over the course of two days I waded through help page after help page regarding how to delete my accounts and finally I can say they are all gone! What led me to this started as a…

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