Saying NO to Social Media

So I have finally started on the path to the unthinkable, removing all social media from my life.  Over the course of two days I waded through help page after help page regarding how to delete my accounts and finally I can say they are all gone!

What led me to this started as a drunken rampage on Facebook, I was so annoyed at the gloating and backslapping that I deleted the first comment I saw proclaiming the joys of having voted for the giant douche as opposed to the turd sandwich.  That first delete felt damn good, so I picked another victim from the seemingly endless list of those who came to Facebook to essentially troll and shove their pseudo-victory in everyone else’s face. Two deleted people quickly turned into six or seven and my level of intoxication rose in accordance as I swilled bourbon between blindingly righteous clicks.

The following morning I woke up and checked the list of people I had deleted; several of them were otherwise people I liked except for their seemingly blinding political stupidity.  I sat there pondering the growling in my stomach and the fact that I realized I really didn’t give a fuck anymore what other people did or thought or felt, I no longer wanted that interaction with them that I once did when I first got my feet wet with Facebook.  In the past two months I had deleted no less than 10 people for disagreements stemming directly from politics and every time I was left with an elevated pulse and other obvious signs of stress that shouldn’t be triggered by a website, then it dawned on me that I had been putting off doing what I knew I should have done ages ago: delete all the shit and just leave it behind.

Its been two days so far since I began the process and I must admit that I find it harder to give up than smoking ever was (haven’t smoked since the 19th of September), when bored I would pull out my phone and check Facebook, then Twitter and sometimes even Google+.  Its amazing how much of a habit it can be and now I realize that not only did I use social media mostly out of boredom but I smoked for the very same reason.  Going forward I have no clue what I’m going to do to fill all this empty time that I seem to be gaining by cutting out pointless shit from my life, I can only hope that it will be something positive that will help to counteract all the bad that I had been taking part in for many years.

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