Month: December 2012

On the coming AWB.

In case you have been living under a rock a new Assault Weapon Ban is coming down the pipe courtesy of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) with sweeping changes that will shake the 2nd Amendment to its very core.  Among those changes are the following: Changing criteria from a 2-feature test to a 1-feature setup which…

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Youtube and Google+, linked?

I don’t remember when it happened but it would seem that now in order to post videos to Youtube you must have a Google+ account, which obviously I don’t have anymore.  I wanted to link a friend to a video I shot during the Derecho this past summer and lo and behold I get a…

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Spam Highlight Reel!

So here I am sitting here bored as hell because there is nothing to do that wont piss off the filters at work, when I realized that I had lots of spam comments sitting here just collecting dust which could be loaded with gold (and honestly I never check them so there could be valid…

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My Beef with Europe

Right now there are massive quantities of Europeans telling the US that its time for us to outright ban all firearms and start rounding them all up to smelt them into end tables or some shit.  Just take a second or two and browse the comments section on just about any news site running stories…

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