Spam Highlight Reel!

So here I am sitting here bored as hell because there is nothing to do that wont piss off the filters at work, when I realized that I had lots of spam comments sitting here just collecting dust which could be loaded with gold (and honestly I never check them so there could be valid comments) that would make for good discussion.  I present to you the 4 best out of 8 pages of pure unfiltered fermented shit.



This one is pretty interesting, it definitely qualifies as the longest semi-coherent post in 8 pages worth of spamtastic shit, however I am puzzled as to how trusting God is connected to sports jerseys and the National Security policies of George Bush.



“Piercingly penetrating the dance arena” sounds like a review of some 80s dance hall music as opposed to an automated spam message delivered by code that probably was written by some Nigerian prince.



Thunderstorms, Adventure, Microsoft Office! Yeah I’m not sure what the hell this bot was trying to get at, but it seems like a lot of the others it really wants me to buy some knock-off Burberry bullshit.



I seriously want to use “rattling fantastic” in a sentence now, but I’m not sure I can actually get drunk enough to make that work, maybe I will have to settle for more sports jerseys and shitty beetz headphones.


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