Month: January 2013

So full of shit

Gun owners won’t be forgotten in debate, Obama says “I have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations,” he said. “And I think those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake.” The 2nd Amendment, which Sen Feinstein’s AWB (S. 150) will directly infringe…

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Inauguration Waste

I may harp on a lot of shit the government does but nothing quite tops the senseless waste that is the Inauguration.  Some absurd levels of spending go on every 4 years even when its a 2nd term for the sitting POTUS, its not like we need to be introduced to him for the first…

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Obama Likes Mudkipz!

Yep, that title is the best I can come up with at 1142 at night.  I’m pretty much at a loss for words based on this story.  So since Congress isn’t rushing to strip Americans of rights now the President thinks an end-run around them using one of the most flagrantly fucked up tools in…

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Socially Lazy

So I find myself sitting here on the couch at 1030 PM New Years Eve, no drink in my hand, no laughter in my ears or friends surrounding me; only thing going on right now would be the gears in my head.  Shortly after the election I decided to delete my social media accounts, now…

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