I hope Senator Feinstein cries her self to sleep tonight and Obama drinks himself to sleep, for once congress actually gets it right!

Round Two, Videogames!

So it seems that Senator Feinstein of AWB fame has decided that since she lacks the power to brow-beat people into passing blatantly unconstitutional laws such as her proposed Assault Weapon Ban that now she needs to take on imaginary guns.

Feinstein said that video games play, “a very negative role for young people, and the industry ought to take note of that.”

“If Sandy Hook doesn’t do it … then maybe we have to proceed, but that is in the future,” she added.

From Huffington Post

Does this woman ever stop to even think about the words that come out of her mouth? does she realize how blatantly fucking authoritarian she sounds when she outright threatens people to do what she wants or she will use her power in congress to come after them? If anybody currently serving is an example of why we need term limits on all of congress she is, she has been a senator since 1992 and despite her radical proposals and often unpopular crusades she keeps getting voted an additional term.

Ban All Assault Knives!

In case you are wondering about the title, its the only response that we should have to the following story:

15 Injured in Texas college stabbing

Obviously we need legislation to ban knives of all shapes and sizes, serrated knives, semi-auto knives, high-capacity knife-storing kitchen blocks, etc.  Seriously if you are reading this and happen to be anti-gun do us all a favor and press for bans on all knives, please.  Whats good for the goose is obviously good for the gander so naturally now we need emotional pleas on the evening news asking why we have allowed the proliferation of these terrible implements which have no purpose other than to cut and kill, because if you don’t then you are a fucking hypocrite.