So I spent a little time the other day applying what little I know of Python to the concept of picking Powerball lottery numbers because I had nothing much else to do that the time.  In the interest of not only content put putting more of my terrible code out there for people to laugh at I present my simple powerball picker script.

from array import *
from random import *
num = array('i')

def create_array():

        for i in range(0,59):
                ins = i + 1
                num.insert(i, ins)
        return num
def pick_a_number():
        your_number = ''
        for n in range(1,6):
                ca = create_array()
                pick = randrange(0,len(ca))
                your_number += str(ca[pick])
                your_number += '  '
                # now we exclude the number
        print "Your Picks >> "+your_number+" Powerball: "+str(randrange(1,36))

start = 1;
stop = int(raw_input("How many picks would you like to generate? "))

for p in range(start, stop+1):

* note – if you win a huge jackpot with numbers from this send a few bills my way!

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