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Remote Check

So I’ve been working on setting up a way to monitor a server at work to prevent my “assistant” from screwing up too badly and I’ve come up with a temporary solution until I can work out a much more robust script. There are a few required elements, like the rc.head and rc.tail files which…

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Git as a Backup System

So I have a co-worker on a coding project who has all but refused to use any kind of version control  ( and in general prefers to do most of his work in production ) so I’ve been kicking around ways to either force him to do the work, or at least make changes get…

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Timestamps in Bash

For whatever reason by default bash doesn’t add timestamps to bash.history, so here is how to make that happen. Add the following line to /etc/bashrc

and now when you use the history command you get nice clean timestamps, just keep in mind this is not retroactive so it will only work going forward.  If…

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Account Info Script

Had to do a quick crontab job at work to grab user details out of /etc/passwd and email the details in a report, here is the resulting script

It grabs a list of hostnames from nodelist.txt and utilizes a ssh key-trust to connect to the hosts without supplying a password.  We lucked out bigtime…

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Home Labs

Today’s random thought is on the concept of the home lab (from the IT worker perspective, not the Walter-White-Meth-Lab view). I know several people at work who have home networks setup specifically for testing and learning, some are network labs with stacks of switches and routers while others have full blown SAN environments for use…

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Youtube Ripping Made Easy

12-11-2014 – Updated bash script syntax to reflect usage of –youtube-skip-dash-manifest to keep errors down when doing bulk processed lists of videos. There are plenty of annoying windows tools that claim to be able to properly rip audio from Youtube, however I don’t trust most of them any further than I can throw a car.…

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OwnCloud bug

Not going to make this a long and complicated post, just wanted to toss this out there in case any body else finds themselves in my situation.  I was playing around with OwnCloud and enabled the Subphonic add-on and suddenly my install quits working completely citing some bogus Apache nonsense.  Not to be deterred I…

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Fresh SCADA hacks / Jesus H Christ on a pogo-stick, why are these things still being left attached to the damn internet?  People have been ragging on the utility industry to get their shit in gear and lock down their SCADA equipment for years now, especially Bruce Schneier.  I can’t even fathom how this has been left alone for so…

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Easy Pickin’s

A while back I decided it would be kind of neat to learn how to pick locks, I mean think of how sexy it looks in the movies and on TV when some hero takes a paperclip and a hair pin and gets into some restricted area in less than a minute with no light…

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