Something Unexpected

So I broke down the other day after talking to a co-worker about the iPad and bought one. Generally I’m pretty anti-apple as far as most things go, however I wont even lie this thing is pretty nice so far even if its only the iPad 2 and not the 3rd gen model.

Battery life on it is pretty damn good, I can putz around on the internet surfing and reading things for hours without even thinking about charging it, in fact I think I’ve only had to plug it up to recharge once since I bought it. The camera leaves a bit to be desired, but then I have several other options like my HTC Evo Shift or Kodak Play if I really need a decent picture taken. As with any expensive piece of technology I picked up a case, for this device it was a Griffin rubber and plastic case much like the design that Otter Box uses except I made sure it would cover up the Apple logo on the back of the tablet as I have no need to flaunt that logo.

As far as Apps are concerned there are some drawbacks, like most of the SSH clients that I have tried so far are slow on wifi even when the access point is within eyesight of the device. Occasionally Safari will flake out and not follow links when I am doing searches on google, but that may just have been due to a pending update that I had yet to apply. I gave a RDP client a spin and was sorely disappointed, it took forever to load on a wifi connection so I can only imagine how painful it would be across a 3g connection.

When I began looking seriously at tablets one of my biggest concerns was input; I have used tablet computers in the past like the Fujitsu Stylistic and LifeBook however they had keyboards, in the case of pure tablets you often only have your fingers as input. The price of keyboards for the iPad are still a little steep for my liking, but I was fortunate to find that my roommate had a spare Logitech from when he bought an Acer Iconia (that proved to be quite poorly designed and made). That and a cheap 15$ stylus makes the iPad a much more pleasant computing experience as opposed to only using fingers to tap out messages, blog posts, URLs and facebook comments. Perhaps the only thing I would change about the input is support for a bluetooth mouse as even with a stylus it can be a little tricky to select text for copy and paste or drawing out complex designs.

All in all I’m quite pleased with the iPad, the experience has reinforced my belief that Apple’s strong point is in mobile devices such as the iPad, iPod and the iPhone as opposed to their laptops and desktops which are unfortunately vastly overpriced for the hardware they contain.

Finally free of GoDaddy!

It took like a week and a half but I finally managed to transfer this domain off GoDaddy and I have zero intentions of ever going back to those retards.  Considering it takes no time at all to setup a new domain the fact that it took over a week to transfer off of them says they are either incompetent or just outright assholes who intentionally inhibit the transfer process in hopes that people will just give up and stick with them.

Something missing from Nerdcore?

So I was driving home the other day listening to a selection of nerdcore songs including Nursehella, Ytcracker, Ultraklystron and a few others when something struck me, most of the computer related topics covered tend to be either general use such as downloading things, posting to blogs, posting items on craigslist and ebay, etc or the nefarious side of things such as piracy, spam and hacking.  The white and gray hat side of things is almost never represented in the genre, and I can’t help but feel that the scene is a little lacking because of this.  Surely there must be some NetSec folks out there with a little skill at rhyming that could contribute something, even if only a hand full of tracks about smacking down DDoS attacks, dismantling botnets and interrupting hacks in progress.

Dear WordPress

What the hell did you guys do in 3.2 to break every single goddamn thing? Suddenly I get errors when I try to install, update and even delete plugins, now I have to manually go in and delete the files by hand and hope like hell that I don’t accidentally break the site completely. Next time could you guys um I dunno maybe test shit before you throw it out live because it makes baby jesus cry!