This will slowly take on more detail as I clean up the lab and better document everything as well as provide details on the automation processes which help save me time, for now its just the network diagram minus extraneous things like laptops, desktops and mobile devices


I currently employ SaltStack within the lab, you can see my base states I use here. Also dabbling with Chef for work related stuff.


Currently using LibreNMS to monitor the lab, when alerts are triggered it uses Pushover to send an alert to my phone and also fires off a Task to my Gitlab instance to document whatever caused the alert.


proxmox4 – Dell R900 (4x E7340, 128G ram)

xen1 – Dell R710 (4x L5520, 120G ram)

mgmt – HP Microsever (AMD Turion II N40L, 8G ram)

42U rack, the Synology and mgmt box are hiding behind the monitor until I can get another shelf
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