Can you escape technology?

Every year I head off into the woods for at least a week of hunting as a way to kind of unplug from technology and society in general.  The past few years however I haven’t made the trip like usual due to changing jobs, last minute disasters that needed my attention, etc.  This is the first time I have went hunting since I got my first smart phone a few years back and I was horrified to find that I had passable 3g service even in the middle of national forest!

In previous years the most advanced technology we had at deer camp was a battery powered FM radio and a few lights run from 12v batteries charged from a solar panel made before the word “green” was ever even considered hip.  Now we have world wide internet access, decent cell coverage and I bet with a good antenna you could even get TV up there now.  All this has led me to wonder if it is even possible to escape technology anymore without going to extraneous lengths?

We have smart phones to link us to work, computers to sate our endless craving for entertainment and stimulation, cars that practically drive themselves and 24x7x365 shopping and advertisements thanks to online retail stores, but where can you truly escape that all now without risking life and limb in the process?  Once upon a time for me that escape was hunting, now? Now I am not so sure.